HI! Here are the aliens that I have adopted! Arent they sooo cute? :)
Do NOT take, steal, or link to my helpless babies!!
If you want some just click the certificate!
NOW, ready to meet my babies? :)

Hi I'm Herman the FBI banshee...I'm an alienologist :)
I'm living among this small group of aliens to observe their behavior. Next to me is my Merlin, who is hiding one of the aliens in his luggage! They're playing hide and seek :)

We're from Net banshee World! You'll be able to visit our home below

helloooooo, our names are
Alina, Charlie, Pablo
Lili, Holly,
You think tis coincidence that we are standing in a TRIANGLE shape? *grin*
We call our ship like this. It allows us to visit other creatures inhabiting this land of Tara's, our host.

Ahhhh, dont these two make a lovly couple?

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