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LOOK!!! Here is my halloween costume! What can I say i've been influenced by my big sister Maggie! Visit her room and you'll see *smile*
Gov. Starrie made it for me! THANKS SOO MUCH! Have you seen my brother's costume? *grin* He is a UFO.. guess that makes us a matched pair, huh?

Oh my i cant believe it!!! Look i got an award for being the MOST ORGINAL at the halloween party!!

Pretty cool huh?! Anyways... my name is Masey and I'm five years old. I LOVE to play on the trampoline and my xilaphone, though my mom wishes I'd keep the racket down just a tad *g* Oh, did you see my cool fish tank? One day I'm going to get one like Maggie's with lots of fishies in it!

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