Welcome to Alien The Alien Walk Pet World

My darlings left for the bridge end of 2015, beginning of 2016 in a 4 month period. Losing all three so close was VERY hard...

* Welcome to my space of cyberspace. Me and my three babies invite you to look at there picture albums. Please remember these ARE works in progress and should be updated at the minemum of every 3 months. The German Shepard mix is Shadow (male) and the black lab is Sara (guessing by the name this would be female? *s*) Must confess though. Sara is 'supposed' to be my niece's dog..but since she sleeps with me and I take her for walks and pay more attention to her we will ignore this! Then comes my oldest sister's puppy (Also now mine) that we took to housetrain and he ended up staying with us. His name is Tiger

* * * *